Sunday, October 2, 2011

mom kiss son

It is not wrong to kiss your Mom. We aren't talking about a french kiss. If it makes you uncomfortable around your friends how about a hug and or kiss on the cheek?

I think it is common. I also do this when I was young. I hope to review the past but I can't go back home because of job and distance. Just do what you want and never mind what people think. I suppose other mothers feel envy when they see the scene of you. Well done! Just let your mother know when you love her since she loves you more than you know.

No if ya feel like showing her some attention then do it. Don't let what think stop ya for doing what us want live you life. Don't let others live it for ya

whenever my mom will sometimes come up too my school and then she leaves ill usually give her a kiss-goodby or something but and then everyone thinks its weird for kissing your mom

Saturday, October 25, 2008

mom son in bed

The forecast had been right, it began to snow just in time for rush hour. Nobody was sure just how much snow was going to fall but all agreed that it would be a big storm. There was a chance of up to a foot of fresh snow on top of the four inches already on the ground.

Ruth was a nervous wreck driving home, she just absolutely hated driving in the snow. She was also worried about her son Jason. She knew he had to work at the gas station till 11:00 p.m. and she wished that somehow he could just get off work and head home. She knew his boss however, and he wouldn’t shut down the gas station for anything less than Armageddon.

Ruth is a young looking woman, easily mistaken for being in her mid thirties, ten years less than her actual age, which she wasn’t about to reveal to anyone that didn’t need to know. She is a natural redhead with big green eyes, has never had a problem with her weight, and her breasts which are 36C’s are still just as perky as they were when she was a teen.

Ruth has been divorced for a couple of years now. After a failed marriage and a couple of lousy relationships, she currently has resigned herself to being single and enjoying it. It’s not that she wouldn’t like to have a man n her life, but she has decided she’d rather be alone than be with the wrong guy. She could always rely on her battery operated friend to take care of her physical needs anyhow.

The drive home from work usually takes Ruth about half an hour, but the way the snow was coming down, it turned into an hour and fifteen minute drive. By the time she hit town, she was exhausted. She decided to stop by the station where Jason works to pick up bread and milk before going the rest of the way home. That way she could at least check on him and make sure everything what alright.

Jason is what you’d commonly refer to as a good kid. He goes to college full time and works part time to help his Mom pay for it. He’s a good looking young man, never overbearing, and always willing to lend a hand to someone in need. Ruth has always been very proud of him, and she’s always had every right to be.

When he saw her pull into the station he felt relief, he had been trying to call her at the house just to make sure she got home alright and was starting to get quite worried. At least now he could stop worrying and concentrate on his job. He reminded her he’d be working till 11:00 and promised to come straight home after work. You know how mothers worry, but the drive home from the station is only a couple of miles.

By the time Ruth finally made it home, there were almost six fresh inches of snow on the ground. She gave the sidewalk a quick sweeping and finally went inside. She had to call both her Mom and her sister to let them know she’d made it home in one piece and decided to take a nice long hot bath to relax.

She had a nice long soak in the tub then fixed herself some dinner making sure to fix enough for Jason to heat up when he got home. She had barely finished eating when the power went off. The house was pitch black but luckily for her, she loves candles so she was able to quickly get at least a small amount of light. She thought that perhaps she should check the breakers until she looked out the window and saw that the power was off all over the neighborhood. “Oh great!” She thought, “The snow must have knocked down some wires.

Ruth knew there wasn’t a thing she could do but wait for the power to come back on. She resigned herself to the fact that this was going to be a very boring evening. She soon nodded off and was awaked by Jason coming in the door. As she looked at her watch and saw it was only 10:00 she started to worry.

“What’s wrong Jason? Why are you home so early?” she quickly asked.

“Nothings wrong Mom” he answered, “The power is just out, can’t pump any gas without electricity.” he added.

Without any power Ruth was unaware that nearly the entire county was without electricity. The snow storm was bad, roads were being closed, power was out, there was nearly a foot of snow already, and it wasn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

Ruth got up and heated up the supper she’d left for Jason, “At least we have a gas stove.” she thought. She couldn’t help but notice that the house was already getting a little chilly. She hadn’t thought of it till then, but quickly realized it was probably going to be a very cold night. She knew there was no use in complaining, they’d just have to make the best of a bad situation.

After chatting with Jason for a few minutes Ruth decided she might as well just go to bed. She put on a nice warm sweat suit and crawled under her blankets. Despite the cold and worrying about waking up on time for work in the morning, she quickly drifted off into a nice deep sleep.

Ruth had no way of knowing what time it was, but she was awakened awhile later by Jason. He was gently shaking her shoulder and saying “Mom, wake up, it’s really cold in here! It’s so cold I think we could freeze to death in here!”

Ruth felt immediately how cold it had become. To think they’d freeze to death was probably a bit extreme, but it was very cold indeed. She knew however, there wasn’t much they could do about it. “go get the comforter off of your bed and put it on top of my blankets, then get under here with me” she said. Then adding, “The only thing I can think of is that we’ll just have to share our body heat.”

Jason wasn’t about to argue with her, he went and got the comforter, put it atop her blankets, and snuggled up to her as quickly as he could. The were both shivering at first so they snuggled up close and it worked. Sharing their body heat under the blankets made them comfortable enough to drop off into dream land. The rest of the night passed without incident.

When Ruth awoke the next morning, it was with a start. She was laying on her side and Jason was snuggled up close to her. His arm was around her and his hand was cupping her breast. She could here tell by the way he breathing that clearly he was sound asleep. So she gently took his hand and pushed it way from her boob. She then reached for her watch and got another start, it was a half an hour past her starting time at work.

She quickly jumped out of bed and the stark reality of the power still being off hit her like a slap in the face. The house was absolutely freezing and one quick look out the window told her she wasn’t going anywhere. The snow plow hadn’t come anywhere close to their street yet. She quickly grabbed her cell phone to call the office to let them know. She was relieved in a way when a security guard answered and told her that the building was shut down for at least the day. It seems the storm had dumped so much snow that there was a state of emergency and nobody was going anywhere.

It was so chilly that she felt her best option now was to heat some water on the stove for some coffee and get back in bed while she waited for it. Jason was still sound asleep laying on his back. She snuggled up close to him to warm up and put her arm around him.

Ruth felt a bit strange being snuggled that close to Jason, especially after waking to find his hand cupping her breast, but she was too cold not to. As she waited for her water to boil she thought it over and realized that in his sleep, Jason was merely looking for warmth, she assured herself it had to be something unconscious that he wasn’t even aware of.

When she heard the kettle whistle, she quickly got out of bed, fixed herself a cup of coffee, and got back into bed. A couple of minutes out of bed told her exactly where she was going to stay until the heat came back on. Right there under the covers.

“Oh God it’s still cold in here!” Jason said as he awoke making Ruth laugh.

“Just stop whining mister!” she said to him. Adding, “We’re going to be stuck in this bed till the power comes back on and I’m not sharing my bed with a crybaby!” then she told him, “If you have to pee, go, and if you want some coffee the water is still hot, I just boiled it, if you’re getting out of this bed fine, but hurry up and get your butt back into it and keep me warm!”

“Now look who’s whining.” Jason replied sarcastically and crawled out of bed to take a leak. “brrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!” He too felt like the cold slapped him in the face the moment he stepped out from under the covers.

He hurried to pee, then grabbed a quick cup of coffee. He couldn’t wait to feel the warmth of the blankets again. He snuggled up close again to his Mom and she wrapped her arm around him. She had her head on his shoulder and absentmindedly put her hand under his sweatshirt and was caressing his chest. It felt warm and she saw no harm in what her hand was doing.

They weren’t saying much, just enjoying the warmth and as Ruth’s hand continued to caress Jason’s chest, he slid his hand under her shirt and caressed her lower back. This went on for quite awhile, neither saying a word.

After awhile, Jason began to become aroused and he prayed his Mom wouldn’t notice. He didn’t ant to get turned on, but he was. He didn’t help his own situation though when he slid his hand into his Mom’s sweat pants and started to caress her panty clad ass. He had done it so slowly that until his hand covered her ass she hadn’t really even noticed it.

They lay like that for a long time, neither saying a word. Ruth was lost in thoughts of how nice Jason’s hand felt upon her ass and he was thinking how nice her touch upon his chest was. As they continued to caress one another many thoughts ran through their minds. Many of them they tried to block out. There had never been ay sexual tension between the two before but there was a definite tension growing now.

Jason had an erection and it mortified him. He could only imagine how bad his mother would freak out if she knew. He tried to think of anything he could that would make it go away, but it just wouldn’t. he even removed her hand from Ruth’s bottom, but it didn’t help and his hand would absentmindedly slide back every time he removed it.

Ruth meanwhile had become aware of Jason’s arousal. As she had caressed his chest and stomach her arm had hit a certain lump a couple of times. She wasn’t sure what to think about it. She understood that a young man holding a woman would become aroused, even took it as a compliment, but was a bit embarrassed to be holding him in that state. She didn’t notice however that as if of a mind of its own, her hand kept getting closer and closer to the top of Jason’s sweat pants until it made contact with the hem line. She didn’t go beyond that, but the thought crossed her mind.

The silence between them continued for quite some time, until finally there was a noise that brought them both back to their senses. The ringing of a cell phone. Jason hopped out of bed to get it and for a moment Ruth caught a glimpse of the rather large tent in front of his sweats. She tried not to think about it, but at the time there wasn’t much else to think about.

Jason brought the phone into the room and handed it to his Mom. It was her sister Elaine calling to see if they were making out alright. She had been able to find out that there were telephone poles down all over the area and it might be a couple of more days before anyone had power. When Ruth told her that Jason her she were snuggling together to keep warm, Elaine actually told her she was jealous.

“I wish it was me that got to spend quality time in bed with that gorgeous boy!” she said.

“Stop being a sicko!” Ruth then scolded her.

“Oh you know I’m just teasing” her sister assured her, but adding, “But don’t do anything with him that I wouldn’t do.”

When Ruth hung up the phone she tried to get her mind off of such thoughts. There was no way she was sexually attracted to Jason and he certainly wasn’t attracted to her. She assured herself that his arousal was simply a guy being a guy. Rubbing against a woman’s body will do that to a guy she thought.

She told Jason that she was getting hungry and went into the kitchen. She started the stove up thinking something hot would feel good to them and it’d heat the place up a little. This a least got her mind off of sex for awhile. What she had no way of knowing of course was that Jason was trying his best to get his mind off of it too.

By the time the meal had cooked and was eaten, the kitchen began to cool off again. Ruth crawled back into bed before he chill set in but Jason stayed out in the kitchen to call a couple of friends on the cell. By the time he finally crawled back into bed he was freezing.

Ruth was laying on her side and he snuggled up to her spooning as close to her as he could get. He was so cold his entire body was shivering.

“Oh you poor boy,” Ruth said,” hold me close and I’ll warm you up.”

A few minutes of holding his Mom did the trick. He was finally getting warm again. His body responded by becoming aroused again though. He got a hard on and this time there was no hiding it. It was pressing right against Ruth’s body. He was mortified but she didn’t say a word about it.

Ruth was also mortified, but she didn’t think saying anything about it would help. She didn’t want him to think she was bothered by it. She knew he couldn’t help it. She also didn’t want him to be embarrassed. It just happened. So she said nothing all the while finding herself actually enjoying the feel of it pressing against her.

Jason found himself wanting to grind against his Mom but knew he couldn’t. he held her very close with his arm just under her breasts and wanted so badly to touch them. He didn’t dare do it though. He had tried to get his mind off of sex but just couldn’t. now it’s all he could think of.

Neither knew that the other was thinking the same thoughts. They each were just becoming growingly more frustrated by trying not to think such things. It got to a point where you could almost cut the sexual tension between them with a knife. Jason couldn’t stand it anymore and rolled over flat onto his back and let out a deep sigh.

Ruth quickly rolled over and asked, “What’s wrong Honey? Is something bothering you?” A stupid question no doubt, but it was the first thing that had popped into her mind to say.

“No, I’m ok Mom, I just needed to shift, I was getting a cramp.” Jason replied. He couldn’t’ tell her what was wrong but they both knew. He wanted to so badly, and had no idea that she had also reached a boiling point and almost wished he’d tell her.

When Jason he rolled over Ruth had turned so that she was facing him. Having felt his erection pressing into her for so long had made her so wet she couldn’t stand it. She put her hand on his chest just as she had before but this time she couldn’t seem to control herself. She looked him right in the eyes and said, “If you tell anyone about this I will kill you.” and with that she slid her hand down his belly, under his sweat pants, and grasped his hard cock.

She was trying to tell herself she’d just stroke his cock, give him the badly needed release he needed but she couldn’t stop herself. She kissed him on he lips and then started working down his chest, his stomach, and then pushing his sweats down, she began to kiss his engorged seven inch cock.

“Oh God Mom, I love you!” exclaimed Jason, “I’ve been thinking about you all day, I didn’t think you want to do this!”

With that she told him to just shut up and started licking his shaft. She licked from the head down to his balls, taking time to kiss and lick his entire ball sack. She then licked her way back up his shaft and then opened wide and swallowed his cock. She was loving every minute of this as much as he was.

After several minutes of Ruth giving him head he knew he was getting close to exploding. “Mom! Mom! You’ve got to slow down! I’m going to cum soon if you don’t!” he said with urgency.

Ruth quickly took her mouth off his hard cock and told him to help her get her sweat pants off. This took a few moments with them trying to stay under the blankets and it was just the break Jason needed. Once her bottom was off she straddled his face and lowered her pussy to his mouth and resumed sucking his cock.

They licked and sucked one another in a frenzy. Ruth came the moment Jason touched her clit with his tongue and didn’t slow down a beat. She gave him a wondrous dose of her love juices and sucked all the more so she’d get a dose of his.

Just as Ruth was about to experience her second orgasm Jason’s cock swelled in her mouth and she felt it begin to pulsate. They filled each other’s mouth’s with sweet creamy love juices. It was a moment neither ever wanted to end but like all good things it had to.

Ruth curled back into Jason’s arms and gave him a huge kiss. It was like no other kiss they’d ever shared before, but was only the first of many to come. They shared the juices that were in their respective mouths as they did.

As they kissed as lovers for the first time, suddenly the power came back on. Ruth laughed and told Jason, “Hurry up and go shut out the lights honey, then get your ass back into this bed, Momma needs fucked and she needs fucked right now!”

Thursday, February 28, 2008

wanna see a mom in bed with her son

The mother of a boy who alleged Michael Jackson molested him in 1993 testified Monday that she allowed her son to start spending nights alone with the pop star after a sobbing Jackson pleaded with her to let them sleep together.

Taking the stand in Jackson's child molestation trial, the mother also said that at Jackson's urging, she signed papers giving custody of the boy to his father, her ex-husband, after he raised the possibility of taking legal action against Jackson.

"[Jackson] kept begging me to sign it so there wouldn't be any lawsuits or anything," she said. "I didn't understand completely what I was signing."

It was unclear from the testimony why Jackson might have believed changing custody would thwart a lawsuit.

The boy's family did bring legal action against Jackson, and in 1994 reached a confidential multimillion-dollar settlement with him in which he did not admit guilt.

Now 25, the alleged victim will not testify because he does not want to get involved in the media spectacle, his uncle has told CNN.

The 46-year-old singer is accused of molesting a different boy -- now 15 years old -- at Neverland Ranch, giving him alcohol and conspiring to hold his family captive in 2003.

Jackson has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Prosecutors are presenting previous allegations against Jackson to try to prove the singer had a pattern of grooming boys for sexual abuse.
First meeting recalled

The mother testified Monday that her son first met Jackson in August 1992, when the performer came to a Los Angeles car rental agency after having car trouble. Her then-husband, the boy's stepfather, worked there, she said.

She said she gave Jackson their phone number and told the entertainer to call "if you'd like to see [him] ... or speak to him."

A month or two later, Jackson began calling the boy, in conversations that "got longer and longer," she said. She and her son and daughter began spending weekends at Jackson's Neverland Ranch starting in February 1993, and he began treating the family to trips to Las Vegas, Disneyland and Florida.

On their third visit to Neverland, she said she refused her son's request to spend the night with Jackson in his bedroom.

But she relented during a trip to Las Vegas in March 1993, after Jackson -- whom she described as "sobbing, crying, shaking and trembling" -- confronted her, she testified.

"You don't trust me. We're a family," she quoted the entertainer as saying. "There's nothing wrong. There's nothing going on. Why don't you trust me?"

After 30 to 40 minutes of pleading by Jackson, the mother said she relented, and the two then began sleeping in the same bed on nights when they were together.

For more than 30 consecutive nights, she said Jackson, who was then 34, visited the family's home in Santa Monica to spend the night with her 13-year-old son, left in the morning after he went to school and then returned in the afternoon when he came home, often eating dinner with the family. There was only one bed in the boy's room, she said.

In May 1993, Jackson took the family with him to the World Music Awards in Monaco, and gave her his credit card to go shopping. He also gave her gifts that included a gold Cartier bracelet, earrings, a necklace and a ring, as well as a $7,000 gift certificate to a Beverly Hills store.

By the fall of 1993, the mother testified she became concerned. Her son had become withdrawn, sullen and "was not wanting to be with us anymore." She said he began dressing like Jackson and was "not as sweet as he normally was."

"[He] was spending too much time with Michael Jackson, and I was upset," she said. "I wanted my son back. ... It was getting out of hand."
Ex-publicist: Jackson licked boy's head

In testimony earlier Monday, Jackson's former publicist reluctantly admitted that he saw Jackson lick the boy's head when he and his family were on the plane returning from Monaco.

Bob Jones, who handled media relations for Jackson from 1987 until he was fired late last year, is writing a book about his time with Jackson with co-author Stacy Brown. A draft of the book obtained by prosecutors contained the licking allegation, but under questioning Monday, Jones initially said he could not recall the episode.

After he was confronted with e-mails he sent to Brown that "the licking is going to be important," he conceded that it must have taken place.

"I would not have made it up," he testified Monday.

Prosecutors also called Brown to the stand. He said he had several conversations with Jones in which he talked about seeing Jackson lick the boy's head on during the Monaco trip, but he said Jones' recollections later became "fuzzy."

And under cross-examination by defense attorney Thomas Mesereau Jr., Brown said Jones' recollections about the incident seemed to change with his finances -- that he had a better memory of seeing the licking when he needed money and a fuzzier memory when he didn't.

Jones and Brown have written a book titled "The Man Behind The Mask" that is currently being edited by their publisher, with a final draft expected in six to eight weeks, Jones said.

Asked if the book was an accurate depiction of his experiences working for Jackson, Jones said, "It's factual to a degree," going on to explain that Brown had included things of which he did not approve.

Prosecutor Gordon Auchincloss introduced excerpts from a manuscript of the book, in which Jones described Jackson and the boy "holding each other tightly" while sleeping on the return trip from Monaco in an "almost romantic embrace," with "cooing" and licks on the head.

The licking episode is important to the prosecution's case because it supports testimony by Jackson's current accuser and his family that the pop star also licked that boy on the head.

In Jones' e-mail to Brown, he makes that same point, writing that "the licking is going to be important because he did it in this case" and that it would "bite him big," referring to Jackson.

While Jones hedged about the licking on the stand Monday, he told jurors that he did see Jackson and boy "embraced into one another" while coming back from Monaco.

He also said that during the 1993 World Music Awards show, at Jackson's insistence, the boy and his sister sat on the singer's lap. At the time, Jackson was seated in the front row between Prince Albert of Monaco and actress Linda Evans, and the girl eventually shifted to sit on Evans' lap, while the boy remained on Jackson's lap, Jones said.